The Face Behind ProShape Fitness

Melissa Wilson, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), NSCA

Well first off, if you’re here reading this, welcome! In case you didn’t know, I’m Melissa Wilson the founder of ProShape Fitness. I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), through the NSCA.

I started ProShapeFitness with one goal in mind: to teach people how to get in amazing shape for the long haul without resorting to extreme diets and excessive cardio.

Whether you’ve competed in fitness competitions, or you’re just another fitness enthusiast tired of the constant struggle to get in shape (and keep the weight off), you’re not alone.

Let me back up a step.

A few years ago I decided to enter my first fitness competition. My coach put me on a sub-1000 calorie diet and 2+ hours of cardio daily. This was all on top of my already grueling strength training mind you. Did I get crazy lean and have a six pack? Yup, I sure did. Did I feel amazing and keep the weight off? HELL NO.

In the weeks after the show, I packed on more weight than I thought possible. I craved foods that had never appealed to me before. I binged on ridiculous amounts of peanut butter and cookies. I physically could not stop at one bite; it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I’d heard of this happening to girls after their shows, but I never thought it would be me. Well, it was.

It didn’t take long for me to put back on all the weight I had worked so hard to lose for my competition. I blamed myself. I blamed my lack of self-control.

I told myself I needed to get back on my competition diet. I felt so bad about myself and the only way to feel good again was to get my body back. And so the cycle continued. Each time my body was slower and slower to respond.

I had to resort to more and more extreme diets and cardio to get the results.

I knew there had to be some way to look as amazing as I did during my prep, without resorting to such extreme measures. It had to be possible. I wanted a life. I wanted to be able to enjoy a glass of wine with my friends and the occasional piece of cheesecake, without feeling like the sky might come crashing down and all my progress would be undone.

I was tired of obsessing over food and I wasn’t willing to spend two hours on a treadmill every day to get abs. I wanted to eat food that I actually enjoyed.

Abs built with flexible dieting and no steady state cardio.
Abs built with flexible dieting and no steady state cardio.

Unfortunately, the large majority of coaches and celebrity “fitness experts” out there, continue to promote starvation diets and excessive cardio. Many women believe this is the only way they can have the body of their dreams.

I refuse to believe that and I will prove to you how wrong these theories are.

I do not label certain foods as good or bad. I believe moderation is key. I believe excessive cardio will make long-term progress exceedingly difficult. I do not believe in restrictive diets that ban entire food groups. And, I believe lifting some heavy ass weights will make you damn sexy (not bulky).

I’m here to show you how to get that amazing, sexy body you’ve always wanted (and keep it). I’ll teach you how to do so without giving up your life, friends/family and the foods you love!


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