Holiday Gift Guide For the Fitness Enthusiast

Wondering what to get that person on your list who loves all things fitness? Well here’s some ideas to get you started. This time of year, I tend to have a really hard time coming up with gifts for everyone. If you’re anything like me, some suggestions always are useful. 😉 Pretty much all of the items below can be purchased for either guys or girls, so let the shopping begin! Nothing better than giving a gift that helps someone reach their fitness goals!


Versa Gripps: I don’t recommend straps for everyone, but when I do these are my go-to. If you’ve ever used traditional wrist straps, you’ll never want to use them again after using these. They are quicker (versus having to rewrap for every set), give great grip AND if you have small wrists like me, they fit so much better!

Trigger Point Foam Roller- click here to buy

Trigger Point Foam Roller: Why not inflict a little more pain with this trigger point foam roller? 😉 It works much better than your standard smooth roller on those lovely DOMS days.



Fitbit Fitness Tracker: Perfect for the techie fit lover, this useful gadget tracks your heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep and even wakes you up silently! There are a few different models available so check them out.

Holiday Gift Guide For the Fitness Enthusiast

Workout Clothes- Lululemon, Inknburn: Because we all love to spend way too much money on overpriced workout clothes (guilty). A couple of my favorite brands!

gym bag

Gym bag: So many options here!

 set of exercise bands - click here to buy

Kettlebell set - click here to buy

Home workout equipment: kettlebells, bands, etc- For those days when you want to get your sweat on at home. There are endless workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home and having the right equipment will only give you more options. Kettlebells and bands are my go-to’s when skipping the gym.

mini bandship circle







monster bands


Band, bands, and more bands: bands can easily be thrown in a suitcase, making them perfect for those who travel frequently (or, if simply want to add some variety to your gym or home workout routine). Mini bands and the hip circle are my go to for banded glute movements — I use them multiple times/week for a wide variety of exercises.


inzer weight belt


Weight belt: Inzer belts are high-quality and built to last. Great for guys and girls (other options than pink). 😉

nike flyknit

Nike Flyknit: One word — Obsessed. These shoes are so comfortable & come in so many fun colors. If you own a pair, then you know. If you don’t, time to get yourself a Christmas present


beats headphones

beats in ear headphones


Wireless Headphones: For the person who really doesn’t want to be bothered, you can go for this super cute “don’t talk to me” pair or if you’re looking for something in-ear these top rated Beats’s are a good option


Do you have any good gift ideas that I missed? Post them in the comments below!And, as always, thanks for reading!

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