Protein “Fro-yo” Strawberries (aka. frozen yogurt strawberries)

Are you as obsessed with frozen yogurt as I am? “Fro-yo” as I lovingly refer to, is my ultimate crack of choice. I could live off that stuff (the more toppings the better)! As always, I wanted to devise a way to make one of my favorite “naughty” treats into a more healthy, “macro-friendly” version.

And so, these Protein Fro-Yo Strawberries were born! What could be better than a juicy strawberry covered in a thick layer of protein packed frozen yogurt? Nothing I say!

Between these, and my recent post for Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Protein Bites, my days have become way too delicious. Healthy snacking galore, that feels anything but healthy. These frozen yogurt strawberries are my new go-to post workout snack! They sure do look (and taste) a lot better than my normal “on the run” shake and apple!

The ultimate healthy snack! Protein "fro-yo" Strawberries! (aka. frozen yogurt strawberries)

The best part about this recipe, is its sheer simplicity. They *might* take you a total of 5 minutes to make. Then you just plop them in the freezer for a bit and BAM! your mouth is doing a happy dance!

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Alrighty, here’s the recipe! =)

Protein “Fro-yo” Strawberries (aka. frozen yogurt strawberries)

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 lb strawberries

Serving Size: 4 servings


  • 1 lb fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup (227g) greek yogurt
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 12 drops vanilla flavored liquid stevia (another flavor would work fine here, or alternatively, you could use a flavored greek yogurt. Just be careful of the added sugar content)


  1. Line a large plate or small baking sheet with wax paper, set aside
  2. Wash and dry strawberries throughly, set aside
  3. In a medium bowl, mix your greek yogurt, protein powder and liquid stevia
  4. Dip each of strawberries in the yogurt mixture, making sure to give them a nice thick coat
  5. Place the strawberries on the wax paper and freeze. They will be done when yogurt is no longer sticky to the touch
  6. You can store these in the freezer in sealed container. I recommend taking them out for a bit to soften before eating. You could also place them in the microwave for a short time.
  7. Enjoy!


Nutritional Info (per serving): 103 calories, 11.8g protein, 13.25g carb, 0.5g fat

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