Trainer Critique Live, Episode 2- Featuring Tony Gentilcore & Jordan Syatt

I’m excited to share with you the next episode of the Trainer Critique Live! This month I have two great strength coaches, Tony Gentilcore and Jordan Syatt. If you aren’t following them, you’re missing out.

Tony’s articles are some of my favorite reads in the industry and they’re straight up hilarious (an added bonus).

Like Tony, Jordan is a wealth of knowledge in all things strength training. You’ll find a ton of great info and instructional content on his site (plus you can follow along with his journey while living abroad in Israel). There’s never a dull moment. 😉

The exercise selected for this month’s episode was the conventional deadlift. You’ll see two very different lifters in the video below, both of whom are critiqued by Jordan and Tony. There are four critiques in total, which provide two unique coaching perspectives and allow you to see two very different lifters.

Whether you’re a coach or just love to lift, you’ll learn a thing or two by following Jordan & Tony’s thought process.

And one final point, if you’d like the chance to be critiqued next month make sure you subscribe below or on Youtube for details on the next episode! Enjoy!

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If you’d like to jump to a particular section, here are the starting times:
– Jordan Syatt critique 1: 0:56
– Jordan Syatt critique 2: 3:59
– Tony Gentilcore critique 1: 7:12
– Tony Gentilcore critique 2: 14:07

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