Grow Your Glutes with Mini-Bands



Sorry just felt like that might be an appropriate way to start an article about growing your glutes (that and it was stuck in my head).

P.S. I can’t stop watching this video. Do you find it as hilarious as I do? No…? Well, you need a sense of humor.

But seriously, who doesn’t want bigger glutes? I know I sure do. I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to get them suckers larger.

In my day, I’ve tried almost every glute exercise, movement, variation, etc. that’s out there. I don’t discriminate.

Most recently I’ve fallen in love with mini-bands. I use them in almost every workout, whether it’s a quick glute finisher at the end of my training session or as a stand-alone circuit.

If you want to feel dem buns working (and growing), try incorporating some band work into your programming.

So, let’s get to it. Here are a handful of my favorite moves:

1. Sumo band walks

2. Lateral band walks

3. Band Abductions

4. Band clamshells

5. Band frog pumps (many thanks to Bret Contreras for coming up with these)


What type of band should you use?
One question I get all the time from readers & clients is what mini-band they should use.

My two favorites are the Hip Circle (grab it here*) and this combo set (grab it here*). You’ll find that the Hip Circle works better for movements that require more resistance like sumo walks and the combo set for exercises that need less (like clamshells).

So now it’s time for you to give these exercises a try! I’ve put together a handy printable circuit for you with all the exercises mentioned above.

Want a free glute mini-band circuit?

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