3 Quick But Brutal Metcon Circuits

Heyo — today I’ve got some quick, but brutal metcons for you.

I love implementing these when I’m traveling & short on time or when I just don’t feel like doing traditional cardio (which, let’s be honest, is all the time).


What is a metcon circuit?

Before we get into the circuits, let me explain what a metcon is. Metcon is short for “metabolic conditioning.” We’re going to get your heart rate high and burn a ton of calories in as little time as possible.

You’ll complete a series of movements back to back with as much effort as possible and no rest. Once you complete one round, you’ll have a short rest period before completing the remaining rounds.


When should you do metcons?

Whenever you’re short on time and want to get some higher intensity work.

You can do these as a stand-alone workout or tack them onto the end of your strength training. Just make sure you do them last and that you’re properly warmed up.


How long will they take?

You can spend anywhere from 5-20 min depending on how many rounds you complete.

That’s the best part — they don’t require much time,


I’ve split these metcons into three types (dumbbell, bodyweight, dumbbell/kettlebell) depending on what sort of equipment you have on hand.


1. Metcon 1 – bodyweight

Complete 3-4 rounds, resting 90s between rounds (no rest between exercises)

1a. Squat jumps x20

1b. Lunge jumps x10/leg

1c. Mountain climbers x20

1d. Plank jumps (in, out, in, up) x10

1e. Frog Jumps x10

note: partial reps shown in video


2. Metcon 2 – dumbbell/kettlebell

Complete 3-4 rounds, resting 90s between rounds (no rest between exercises)

1a. KB Swings x40

1b. Alternating reverse lunges x10/leg

1c. High step-ups x10/leg

note: speed increased for video, partial reps shown


3. Metcon 3 – dumbbell

Complete 3-4 rounds, resting 90s between rounds (no rest between exercises)

1a. lunge curl/press combo x10 reps/leg

1b. Renegade rows x8-10/arm

1c. Squat jumps x20

1d. Forward to Reverse Lunge x10/leg

note: partial reps shown in video

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