Check out a few of my clients results and what they have to say about working with me!

Ashley (11:3 - 12:30) v2

12.5 week transformation


Kim (2.5 mo progress)

 “Melissa’s approach has made this a more reasonable journey to tackle! I am thankful to have her as a coach! All my concerns were discussed and addressed so I felt like I understood what to expect. The check-in’s and feedback throughout the process were great and very detail oriented! I felt like I received a lot of one-on-one attention with plenty of support and have noticed a lot changes overall. Physically- I have lost many inches; I have more definition but, have also managed to increase my strength. Mentally- I have been level headed throughout the 12 weeks. I did not feel stressed or anxious since I was seeing gradual progress and tracking everything. Emotionally- I seem more content with my body. I have always been frustrated with losing muscle, so it was nice to know I kept the muscle I had and successfully lost fat. That result alone was enough to keep me happy on a day to day basis!” -Kim (NPC Bikini Competitor)

kim glute progress












Meet my client Kaitlin. She originally came to me to help prep for her wedding, and we’ve since continued to work together and make some crazy progress.

She’s one of those clients that us coaches dream about — you tell her what to do, and she does it. 👏🏼But what really made her successful was her structured planning and consistency. The funny thing is when we first started working together Kaitlin wanted to lean out for her wedding, so when I initially bumped up her calories quite a bit there was some initial push-back and fear. But after some convincing, she trusted me and nailed the program never turning back. 👊🏼

After a short gain phase and a quick diet (she didn’t have a ton of body fat to lose), we were able to drop her waist measurements by more than 2 inches, increase glutes by an inch, all while dropping 4lb on the scale.👀🍑

As you can tell from the pictures, this was quite the body recomp. In a short amount of time (less than 12 weeks) she put on a good amount of muscle as well as dropping a nice bit of body fat. Just goes to show that it’s not all about the number on the scale — in Kaitlin’s case “only 4lbs” made a hell of a difference.

Now we’re just focusing on the gainz. 😉


6 week transformation

6 week transformation


joanna testimonial

Brandon: 23 lbs down and counting!

brandons progress

 brandons back progress

 “In the past, I had worked with other trainers who weren’t the best listeners – meaning that I ended up with a training plan that wasn’t tailored to my fitness goals. There were a lot of things I struggled with! Everything from not understanding how to tailor my nutrition to support my activity level, to knowing the benefits of strength vs. cardio training, to knowing how to use the squat rack! I love having a coach to help demystify my personal fitness. I definitely recommend Melissa for anyone who is looking to get stronger, leaner, or to make a lasting change to their fitness routine. She is very client-focused and takes a balanced approach to training and nutrition. She won’t put you on a crazy crash diet or ask you for ridiculous hours on the treadmill. She tailors your plan to your personal goals – also, she has a great sense of humor and keeps your spirits up during every workout! I’ve become much stronger in all my lifts and much more in tune with my body. I feel great!” -Darcy


“Melissa is a natural as a trainer, she is well-informed and educated about all aspects of fitness and nutrition. She’s a fantastic motivator, and a great support system for those seeking to improve their health & fitness. My strength has increased, I have more energy, and when I eat well I can really feel the results of my workouts. Melissa is very knowledgeable about fitness & nutrition, I feel completely safe following her instructions, and I really like that she takes a holistic approach to my health & fitness. I trust her as much as my doctor. I would whole-heartedly recommend her services!” -Christine


“The best thing about Melissa’s coaching is how targeted everything is to my needs. She’s extremely friendly, helpful, and responsive. I’ve recommended her to many of my colleagues” -Anne


“In the past, I’ve struggled with sticking with it & staying active. I also struggled with nutrition for a long time. I’m not a bad eater per say but I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own where diet was concerned. Starting personal training and nutrition coaching with Melissa has really had a noticeable impact. I’ve learned a lot and am still learning more from her. Others have been commenting on how much weight I’ve lost, I’ve gotten leaner and my clothes are hanging off me. The thing I like most about Melissa’s coaching is being pushed when I’m over thinking and the abundance of information she provides. She takes the time to explain things so that I’m learning as I go.” -Sara


“In the past, I’ve had a hard time finding a trainer that had the same philosophy as I do in that you shouldn’t eliminate entire categories of nutrition (such as “no carbs”). I wanted to find a trainer who believed in balance but also knew how to achieve results. I joke I have no metabolism; I’m one of those people that can smell food and put weight on. I travel with work and often end up ordering room service in countries where it can be hard to explain you want the “sauce on the side.” It also has been tough when those hotel buffets are so inviting and the gyms so terrible! High-stress jobs, travel breaking up routines, jet lag, etc. can all add up to a recipe for weight gain and that is where I found myself after previous careers that focused on fitness such as being in the military. I still have a way to go to reach my goals but since beginning coaching with Melissa, I already feel incredible, both physically and mentally. Melissa understands the challenges of balancing a corporate job and finding time for the gym and nutrition. Her perspectives have been extremely helpful. The best part of Melissa’s coaching is how she works to find the balance whether that is in nutrition or workouts. She’s proactive- she knew I had limited time for meal prep so she found meal services; she knew I traveled, so she provided travel workouts. I would absolutely recommend Melissa’s services. She doesn’t believe in extremes. She demonstrates that through balance and persistence, you can achieve incredible results. Being healthy is a lifestyle but it’s not a cult. She proves that it’s possible to incorporate it all into a routine that arguably anyone can do no matter how hectic their lives are. I’m in the best shape of my life and stronger than I’ve ever been!” -Mike


“With my congenital shoulder issues, it has been difficult to keep a consistent workout program. Melissa made it much easier as she created a well rounded a program for my shoulder issues. She came well recommended and I had no hesitation when signing up for her services.

I saw significant results within the first few months of working together. I gained inches in the right places (glutes) and lost them in others (waist)! 🙂 I always felt like I’d pushed hard after my workouts.

I also loved how we took regular measurements; I enjoyed seeing the quantifiable physical results of her coaching. I also appreciated the reasonable diet advice, and her willingness to be flexible with my shoulder problems.

I would absolutely recommend Melissa! She is very results driven and designed great workout programs to meet the goals I wanted to achieve. Also, she was a lot of fun, even at 8 am in the morning. ;)”  -Katherine K.


In the past, I didn’t have structure or a good sense of how to train my muscles. Melissa’s coaching gave me both of these things, and it’s made all the difference.

Since working with Melissa, I’m at the same weight as I was in the past, but I’m much, much leaner, and my overall shape is much nicer. It’s been an incredible transformation I have a lot more muscle and tone than I used to.

I loved the analytical and objective emphasis. Relying on measurements on key body areas really helped me see the progress I was making. I also liked the structure and emphasis on the non-showy muscles, like back and lats.

I would absolutely recommend Melissa. Not only did I notice a huge difference in my physique, but I got the foundational knowledge. -Damien